To our valued customers and friends:

Now in our 18th year of business in Metro West, Angels’ Painting is proud to introduce our new General Manager: Angel G. Valdivia.

Yes, Angel and Nilda’s son has joined the company! Angel G. has recently graduated from Boston College with a degree in Corporate Systems.

Angel G. has grown up with painting “in his blood” and has worked on and around his dad’s business since he was a child.

Proud dad Angel will still be leading the business, but Angel G. will step up to the day-to-day operations.

Feel free to contact General Manager Angel G. directly at 508-958-1152 or Or contact father or son at


Angels’ slogan has always been:
“When It Comes To Paint, I’m The Angel You Have Been Looking For.”

Our new slogan is:
“When It Comes To Paint, We’re The Angels
You Have Been Looking For.”

Give us a call at 1-508-270-6841 or 1-508-958-1152

Angel Valdivia
Angel’s Painting, Inc.

Angel G. Valdivia
General Manager
Angel’s Painting, Inc.